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👛If you have a crypto wallet, when you click "mint with Eth" you'll be redirected to ed3educatorsmint.com! 

💳 If you would rather pay with credit card (YES!! YOU DON'T NEED CRYPTO!), click the "mint with credit card button".

*credit card purchase incurs a 5% transaction fee

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Ed3 Educators NFT


Education has been stagnant for 100 years.

Web3 can change that. 

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✨This is a historic project. 

We are the FIRST NFT collection made by educators, for educators, powering a community of educators. 

Ed3 Educators ascribe to...

🌀regenerative ecosystems

👩‍🎓student centered learning

🌍global citizenship

Join us to become a transformer of education and a multiplier of web3.

We're the real deal.



NFTs without utility are like backpacks without anything in them. 🤓

An Ed3 NFT brings you:

🧠 The world's first Web3 for Education micro-credential 

💡 The world's first Web3 for education Unconference

Membership to the first DAO for Educators (Ed3 DAO)

👛 Social tokens to the Ed3 DAO


This NFT is far reaching. 

It will power two important projects for the web3 & education community. 

💜 Ed3 DAO

The first DAO aiming to catalyze innovation in education at scale, using web3. 

💙 k20 Eduverse

A free & open metaverse space for educators to connect, collaborate, learn, & earn.  

Ed3 DAO will be headquartered in the Eduverse (where Ed3 social tokens can be used for goods & services).

Anatomy of an Ed3 Educator NFT

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Ed3 Educators general sale will mint at .1 ETH & allow-list will mint at .08 ETH.

Mint Roadmap

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15% sold

*10 NFTs airdropped to early supporters

25% sold

*Ed3 Micro-credential transferrable pass dropped to all hodlers

75% sold

*Ed3 Unconference planning begins and transferrable ticket dropped to all holders *Ed3educators NFT swag designed & ordered *Swag giveaways initiated

50% sold

*10 x $5k grants applications  opened & funds reserved for educators

100% sold

*Ed3DAO social token creation initiated and all NFT hodlers become eligible to airdrop *Eduverse prototype opens publicly 


This is where we'll end up.


Proudly Doxed Team

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Vriti Saraf

Strategy, Art


Dagan Bernstein


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Michael Cohen

Marketing, Art


Maria Galanis

Community, Marketing

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Mike Peck



Jessie Barberry

Community, Marketing

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Sofiia Moroz



Zvia Schoenberg