Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Ed3 Educators NFT for?

Ed3 Educator NFTs are for anyone with a passion for reimagining education and ensuring students and teachers are prepared for the web3 world.

When can I buy an Ed3 NFT?

Allow-list pre-sale minting starts June 18 and public mint is June 19, 2022

What is an NFT?

An NFT (non-fungible token) is a package that lives on blockchain.

It has a unique asset in it like artwork, and a smart contract that dictates what happens to that asset.


An NFT lives in your crypto wallet, which is a digital wallet that holds digital assets.

How do I buy an Ed3 Educators NFT?

You'll need a digital wallet first. Metamask (tutorial here) is pretty easy to set up! Then, you'll put some Ethereum into that wallet - you can do it directly with a credit card on Metamask. 

Finally, you'll come back to this website and click a "mint" button on June 19th.

What will an Ed3 NFT enable me to do as a "hodler"?

Ed3 NFT holders / "hodlers" will receive utility access to the following:

🧠 The world's first Web3 for Education certification program (cost $1,000 pp)

💡 The world's first Web3 for education Unconference (cost $300 pp)

✅ Membership to the first DAO for Educators (Ed3 DAO)

👛 Social tokens to the Ed3 DAO

➕Access to the NFT gated Ed3DAO space in the eduverse

➕Signal your support for innovation of education

Can I own more than one Ed3 NFT, and what’s the benefit of owning more than one?

You can mint up to 5 ED3 Educator NFTs. All allow-list minters can also mint up to 5 again during public mint. You can also purchase NFTs on the secondary market via OpenSea. Owning more than one will enable you to gift assets to those in your life who are educators, and you will be able to sell NFTs as they grow in value.

How much does it cost to buy one Ed3 NFT?

Allow-list mint will be .08ETH and public mint will be .1ETH.

Is there a pre-sale list?

Yes, there will be 2,000 allowlist spots available.

How do I get on the pre-sale list?

Out of a total of 2,000 allow-list spots, 500 will be given to the first 500 members in the discord as well as members that are very active. We will be doing give-aways as well as partnering with other NFT projects to raffle the remaining allow-list spots.

Is there a pre-sale list?

Yes, there will be 2,000 allowlist spots available.

Can I sell my Ed3 NFT for a profit?

While we encourage diamond 💎 hand 🙌 HODLers to not sell their NFTs and benefit from the community and utility, we understand that NFTs are an investment, especially with projects that deliver and thereby increase demand and value for their NFTs. You can always sell your NFT at anytime but consider your purchase price, gas costs, and your financial stability to invest. Investing in NFTs is high risk and therefore do your research and only take financial advise from a licensed and qualified financial advisors.

Can I gift my Ed3 NFT to a friend?

Yes! We love the idea of Web3 Degen supporting the educators in their lives. While you can always “gift” an NFT by transferring it to their wallet for a nominal gas fee, we also give HODLers the ability to transfer each utility asset that come with the NFT, and keep the art!

Do I retain any benefits after I’ve sold or gifted my Ed3 NFT?

You may sell your NFT but retain the utility including the Ed3 Unconference ticket, Ed3 Certification course, membership to our DAO, & social tokens. 

Are there additional fees, such as gas fees?

All minting and secondary market purchasing requires gas to complete the transaction. We have worked hard to optimize the contract so the gas fees are very low. This fee does not go to ED3 Educators but to the community that runs the Ethereum blockchain to cover computing power and energy costs.